Iván Varela – Monte Patria

Ivan comes from a family of farmers who have grown grapes for many years. He is part of the third generation dedicated to this activity.

He produces grapes, exported by Subsole, in the Fourth Region of Coquimbo in the Mostazal Valley. This place is full of beautiful places and is known for its pleasant Mediterranean climate, favorable for growing table grapes.

The land is about a thousand meters above sea level, giving it an important climatic advantage. But for him, however, what is more beautiful and welcoming in these lands is the quality of the people who inhabit it.

Farm info

  • Agrícola Pedregal
  • Monta Patria, Coquimbo Region
  • Iván Varela Perry
  • Table Grapes: Thompson Seedless & Ralli Seedless
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