Gabriel Varela – Paihuano

Gabriel Varela is the General Manager of Agricola Tres Vias, a property planted with more than 75 hectares, located in the IV Region of Coquimbo, in the Elqui Valley.

The climate of this city is very hot and dry, with almost no vegetation, but after much effort, two years after their arrival, they managed to overcome these obstacles and develop a project covering early table grapes and clementines, transforming it into a productive site: this is what motivates and inspires them to develop such projects.

Agricola Tres Vias has been certified by Global GAP, which means that they care for their workers and protect the environment. This ensures their customers that this fruit was produced with the greatest care.

Farm info

  • Agricola Tres Vias
  • Paihuano, Coquimbo Region
  • Gabriel Varela
  • Agricola Tres Vias
  • Table Grapes: Ralli Seedless, Prime Seedless, Flame Seedless & Midnight Beauty
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