Christian Abud – Molina

Christian Abud is an agricultural engineer dedicated for 15 years to fruit production.

Agricola Porvenir is located in the town of Molina, VII Region, precisely at Pichingal. This property has 80 hectares of kiwis, and is a monoculture. It is also one of the few farms in Chile that has 4 varieties of this species, all from different sources.

Previously there used to be an abandoned forest in this place, but it was bought and turned into beautiful kiwi plantations. In fact, it is the largest plantation of Jintao variety in Chile and perhaps in the whole world.

As Christian tells us, certifications are an important issue, especially for the social role they play. He is optimistic; he says that in Chile we have the ideal conditions to be a global fruit power, delivering a very good product.

Farm info

  • Frutícola Porvenir
  • Molina, Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins Region
  • Christián Abud
  • Kiwifruit: Hayward, Jintao, Summer Kiwi and Kiwigold
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