Carlos Cotroneo – La Ligua

Carlos Cotroneo is the manager of Agricola El Roble. In this video he is at the Fundo Jauroro farm, consisting of 170 planted hectares with different species, such as lemons, avocados, lucumas, custard apples and even some guava tests.

He has Global GAP certification, reaffirming their friendly treatment of the environment that has always characterized them, besides having a constant concern for the welfare of their employees.

This farm began in 1994 with test fields, i.e., plantations of different species, whose study determines which one is best for every land, later expanding its cultivation.

Carlos tells us that relationships with their workers are very good, as they have many opportunities to meet with them, so they can listen to their concerns and needs, making every effort to address them.

Farm info

  • Fundo Jaururo
  • Jaururo, Valparaíso Region
  • Carlos Cotroneo
  • Agrícola El Roble
  • Avocado: Hass
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