Antonio Badilla – Linares

Antonio Badilla works in the family business Agricola Agro-Berries Limitada, which has 10 hectares of kiwis in Linares, in the Maule Region.

For this season, a production of 40 thousand kilos is expected, which will be harvested by locals, as all workers are from the area of Pichi Rincon. It is named thus because it was formerly watered with “pichines” from the rivers, which in Mapudungun means “small” and can be translated as “streams”.

They have Global GAP, Tesco and Leaf certifications, which shows the special care they have towards the environment, always using as many organic products as possible, while ensuring good working conditions. For all this, the fruit produced here is of high quality and meets all international standards for exportation.

Farm info

  • Agrícola Agro-Berries
  • Linares, Maule Region
  • Antonio Badilla
  • Agrícola Agro-Berries
  • Kiwifruit: Hayward
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