Andrés Lozano – Hornitos

Andres Lozano is the manager of Agricola Don Alfonso, Hornitos Farm, located in Copiapo. He has worked 22 years in the valley and the grape varieties grown are Thompson, Flame Seedless and Ralli.

For Andres, the goal as a company is to continue advancing in the labor area and safety of their workers, so that when you eat one of these grapes, you may know that it is an excellent food throughout the chain, including production, employment area and safety of its employees.

This farm, which two years ago was almost obsolete, was completely remade. By using state of the art technology, they are experimenting in order not to produce emissions into the environment, generating their own energy through solar panels. There is no pollution in the process management or irrigation.

Here, too, pomegranates tests are being performed, and most likely it will end up being one of the places where most production will be obtained, but also of the best quality.

Farm info

  • Agrícola Don Alfonso
  • Hornitos, Atacama Region
  • Andrés Lozano
  • Los Terrones S.A.
  • Table Grapes: Thompson Seedless, Ralli Seedless, Prime Seedless, Midnight Beauty, Superior, Black Seedless & Red Globe
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