Alfonso Prohens – Copiapó

The Prohens Espinosa family is the largest producer of grapes in the valley of Copiapo, in the Atacama Desert, III Region.

They are partners with Subsole for nearly 20 years and harvest the earliest table grape in the country, which means it is the first to be exported.

As Alfonso Prohens says, one of the growers who make up this family, in Agricola Tres Soles there is one of the world’s oldest productive grape vines, which was planted by his grandfather in 1952, which is a source of great pride for all.
It comprises 7 hectares, out of which 21 thousand boxes of table grapes are harvested. He was one of the first to settle in this arid valley, and grows based on a drip irrigation system. Thanks to this technique, he could eventually install more and more vines, the estate now covering an extensive area.

Moreover, in these beautiful places there are some Inca ruins, which were used by these people to store food, such as wheat or corn, giving a special attraction to this place.

Farm info

  • Tres Soles
  • Hornitos, Atacama Region
  • Alfonso Prohens Baraqui
  • Alfonso Prohens Espinosa
  • Table Grapes: Thompson Seedless, Ralli Seedless, Prime Seedless, Midnight Beauty & Flame Seedless
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