Alejandra Brito – La Calera

Alejandra Brito is the agronomist in charge of Agricola El Resguardo, a property located in La Calera, in the Quillota Province, Valparaiso Region.

In this video she shows us a plantation of Navel Lane Late oranges, which are primarily intended for export.

They have always been concerned about the health and welfare of workers, to make their jobs easy and comfortable. Also, all national and international protocols, both safety, security and farm management, are implemented in order to take care of the labor side as well as fruit production and thus have a tasty and healthy food.

Alejandra tells us that more than a job, it is a philosophy of life, where love and respect for nature is intertwined with the professional aspect, always working with effort and dedication.

Farm info

  • Agrícola El Resguardo
  • La Calera, Valparaíso Region
  • Alejandra Brito
  • José Barros
  • Avocados: Hass - Citrus: Navel Oranges y Clementines
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