Abelardo Ulloa – Isla de Maipo

Abelardo Ulloa is the manager of the Agricola Lonquen farm, located in Isla de Maipo, a town near Santiago. It consists of 40 hectares of table grapes with Thomson Seedless, Red Globe and Crimson varieties. At the time of this video they were within 2 weeks of harvest, expecting quality fruit that meets all the appropriate conditions in order to be a very reliable food for the consumer.

They have Global GAP, Tesco and Sedex certifications, because they always take care of their workers and meet all the required standards, so everyone may be satisfied and at ease in this farm.

Farm info

  • Agrícola Lonquén
  • Isla de Maipo, Metropolitan Region
  • Abelardo Ulloa
  • Los Terrones S.A.
  • Table grapes: Red Globe, Thompson Seedless & Crimson Seedless
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