Different walnut varieties are harvested during the season and throughout Chilean territory, from the earliest harvested in March until the last harvest in May.


The first variety to be harvested, Serr is an early variety with a large and very tasty nut that has a good seal and high percentages of light-colored product. While it can be found in farms all throughout the country, its production is concentrated in the northern areas where its early harvest characteristics provide the best value.


This mid-season variety is characterized by good yields and excellent large, round walnuts with good seal and soft shell, an very good percentage of light and very extra light product.


This later variety can be found throughout the country and is the most widely planted in the Southern area farms (VI, VII and VIII regions). It is characterized by good yields and its fruits are in high demand thanks to its good size, gentle oval shape, good seal and high percentage of extra light walnuts.

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