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Chilean walnuts are internationally recognized not only for being a counter season product, which allows markets to stock up on fresh walnuts all year round, but also for its excellent quality: the Chilean product has colors that tend to be light, good taste and good oil content, making it highly demanded for abroad.

While the European market has historically been very important, the interest in our product from markets in the Middle and Far East has grown as well with countries like China, for example, opening up to this Chilean product. While Europe concentrates a large percentage of the shelled product, Eastern markets have become a focus of demand for inshell nuts.

2012-2013 Season export volumes

Market Kilos Percentage
Europe 228,270 67,2%
Middle East 69,000 20,3%
Latin America 23,000 6,8%
Far East 19,270 5,7%
TOTAL 339,540
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