Thompson es una variedad blanca de uva de mesa.

Traditional varieties

From north to south, and throughout the season, our teams with our producers work on grapes of different colors, with and without seeds, to provide the markets of the world. The continuous supply of white, red and black grapes allows us to offer attractive combinations throughout the season, mixing colors and flavors.

Green Seedless

Our wide range of green seedless varieties, grown from the Copiapo northern area to the VII region, allows us to offer this product for all seasons. Sugraone, Perlette and Thompson Seedless follow each other throughout the season, and our team is responsible for adjusting the characteristics of berry size for each cluster to ensure that we meet the specific requirements of each market.

Red Seedless

With brightly colored berries, the Chilean reds are characterized throughout the season for their firmness, flavor and attractive appearance. The main traditional varieties are Flame Seedless and Crimson Seedless. The first, earliest, notable for its sweetness; the second, undisputed queen of the second part of the season, is recognizable by its great size, excellent flavor and beautiful color.

Black Seedless

Blue-black skin, great firmness and intense flavor, the black grapes we ship to the world begin to be harvested a few weeks after the rest of our seedless grapes. Although it is packed a little later, this excellent fruit remains valid in our offer from the first harvest to the end of the season.

Red Seeded

During the second half of the season we begin to be ship worldwide the large clusters of large, firm Red Globe berries, the red with seeds variety. Depending on the markets, the color of its berries ranges from a bright red to a deep crimson, but what does not change is its characteristic sweetness and the large size of its berries.

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