Table grapes were the first fruit we exported when we began operating in the 1991-1992 season. Thereafter our volume has grown rapidly, reaching more than six million boxes, which we ship to over 40 markets around the world during the 2011-2012 season.

This fruit is handled at destination by local importers or directly by supermarkets, depending on the business.

While our main markets are North America and Europe (considering Britain as a separate market for their special features), Asian and Latin American markets have become very active in recent years.

Season export volume 2012-2013

Market Kilos Percentage
USA 16.199.146 37,46%
Europe 7.198.996 16,65%
Far East 6.999.323 16,18%
UK 6.231.388 14,41%
Latin America 2.889.967 6,68%
Mexico 1.796.903 4,15%
Japan 1.741.383 4,03%
Middle East 181.843 0.42%
Oceania 10.282 0.02%
TOTAL 43.249.232
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