Protected varieties

Pomegranates harvest dates in Chile is in counter-season, which has allowed us to develop some of Israel’s most exciting new varieties. The three varieties currently being cultivated by our farmers and ourselves are Emek , Shany and Kamel.

The advantage they have is that they are harvested earlier than Wonderful, allowing us to offer an attractive fruit of excellent quality and sweet taste earlier. These varieties have a uniform and intense red color and are sweeter than traditional varieties.


This variety, which is harvested about 6 to 8 weeks before Wonderful, produces a fruit of bright and uniform red color, with soft, sweet seeds.


This variety, which is harvested about 4 to 6 weeks before Wonderful, has a uniform red color, smooth and soft seeds and a very sweet taste.


This variety, which is usually harvested slightly before or at the same time as Wonderful has large fruit size, skin of a very intense dark red and smooth and soft and seeds.


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