Zonas de producción de kiwis

Production zones

One of the climates where kiwi plants are comfortable is the one we can find in Central Chile, especially the Metropolitan, VI and VII regions. After many years of working in improving our quality, we can offer world-class quality kiwi grown in this area.

The plants need enough cold hours during the winter for a timely bloom on spring and for them to have good yields, but they also need warm summers with temperature variations between 20 and 30 ° C during the day for the kiwifruit to reach their quality standards. They are also more comfortable with a relative humidity of about 60 % and heavy rains in winter. The climate of the Chilean kiwi area offers enough cold hours in winter and heat during the summer for the kiwis to reach the required quality characteristics, making Chile kiwifruit a recognizable brand in markets around the world.

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