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We are one of the three most important companies in the country in terms of kiwi fruit volume, and our range of traditional and protected varieties gives us access to interesting marketing opportunities.

The Summer Kiwi variety of green flesh and high dry matter, sweet flavor and early harvest date, opens the season and is exported to various destinations, ensuring a fresh green kiwi pulp since the beginning of the season.

On the Hayward variety, the main one in Chile, we are focused on developing programs or packaged pre-ripened kiwis ready to eat on arrival, so as to ensure a good experience at the time of consumption. The main destination is Europe, followed by the Far East and the United States.

The principal market for our yellow kiwi is Asia, which concentrates 80% of our volume; in this continent, Korea takes the largest volume.

2013 Season exported volume

Market Kilos Percentage
Europe 7.773.966 44,1%
USA 4.183.050 23,7%
Far East 2.479.486 14,1%
Canada 971.674 5,5%
UK 752.012 4,3%
Mexico 524.880 3,0%
Latin America 470.838 2,7%
Middle East 243.334 1,4%
Japan 172.255 1,0%
Africa 48.000 0,3%
TOTAL 17.619.497
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