Clementinas y Mandarinas son las especies denominadas Soft Citrus

Soft Citrus

Clementine and mandarin varieties currently grown for export are medium in size, and round and flattened in shape. Their skin is a bright orange and generally they do not have seeds.


Clementines are easy to peel and have a very characteristic aroma and intense flavor; they are also very juicy and seedless, making them a great product.

Clementines are the earliest soft citrus; their harvest usually finishes just as mandarins begin to be harvested, allowing us to provide off-season easy peelers to the Northern hemisphere from May to October.


This small, sweet and intensely orange colored citrus is the most recognizable of soft citruses.

It is ready to be harvested after clementines and they share the characteristics of good flavor and easy peeling, but mandarins’ skin color is more intense. It is juicy and has no seeds.

Because they begin harvest just in time to trake over from clementines, mandarins are a perfect product to fullfil markets’ soft citrus requirements from July to October.


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