Oranges are one of the most popular fruits on the planet and grow in tropical and subtropical regions around the world.

There are two major subgroups of oranges: for fresh consumption and for making juice. Our program focuses on fresh orange consumption.


Most oranges exported by Subsole belong to the “Navel” family. Its name comes from the small “belly button” located at the bottom of the fruit and which makes these varieties so recognizable. These oranges dominate the market for its good color, excellent balance between sweetness and acidity and rounded shape.

One of the most important aspects of these varieties is that they don’t contain seeds. This, in addition to the fact that they cover all our harvesting season, has allowed them to be positioned as some of the favourites for customers worldwide.

The earliest one is Fukumoto, a variety of Japanese origin, which is the first harvested for Chile’s exporting season. This variety is known for its intense orange color and attractive round shape. It also has a sweet and juicy flesh.

Washington Navel, one of the most recognized worldwide, dominates the mid-season. With an intense orange color its round fruits of medium to large size have good juice content and a delicious acid and sweet balance.

Closing the season is Navel Lane Late, with its well-rounded, strong and sweet fruits.

During the season we also offer Navel Caracara, which under its regular Navel look hides a red pulp which makes it unique in this family.


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