Embalajes clementinas


Clementines and mandarins

Soft citrus have all the characteristics to become a great product in markets year round: good flavor, good size, healthy, easy to eat. That is why in 1995 we decided to develop our clementines and mandarins program, being among the first Chilean exporters to do so.

During the early years our biggest markets were Japan and the UK, which are still interesting options. In 2008 the U.S.A. market was opened for Chilean soft citrus and since then exported volumes to this market have increased consistantly; today over 90% of our exported volume for soft citrus goes there.


In 2005 we started our oranges program, especially oriented to customers in Japan and Spain. In 2007 we started exporting them to South Korea, where this fruit is a logical replacement once the Californian season ends; this has allowed us to market interesting orange volumes there. In 2009 the U.S.A. market opened, becoming one of the most important markets for our oranges; there we are a natural replacement for the country’s strong local production during counter season.

2013 Soft Citrus season exported volumes

Market Kilos Percentage
USA 6.732.552 98.41%
Latin America 104.926 1.52%
Middle East 4.034 0.06%
TOTAL 8.841.512

2013 Oranges season exported volumes

Market Kilos Percentage
USA 2.377.032 59.73%
Far East 630.000 15.83%
Canada 495.000 12.42%
Europe 400.980 10.08%
Latin America 77.309 1.94%
TOTAL 3.980.321
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