In 2007 we started our cherry program, confident in the quality of Chilean product and the potential it had in different markets around the world.

Our cherries are mainly shipped to the Far East (especially China) where Chilean cherries are highly demanded for their quality and consistency. Other interesting markets are the United States, Latin America and Europe.

The first arrivals to the different destinations are sent by air. Most of our shipments, however, are by sea; this has been possible thanks to the development of new technologies such as controlled atmosphere bags that allow us to preserve the freshness of the fruit in optimum condition during long transit times.

2013 – 2014 Season export volume

Market Kilos Percentage
China 1,164,525 90,2%
USA 111,215 8,4%
Europe 2,520 1,0%
Latin America 1,195 0,5%
TOTAL 1,297,686
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