Zonas de producción

Production Zones

Avocado trees are comfortable in Subtropical climate areas, so we can grow them in Chile’s IV, V, VI and Metropolitan regions; however, over 75 % of the hectares planted with avocados are located in the V and Metropolitan regions.

Chilean production zones are differentiated mainly by their characteristics relating to temperature accumulation during the year; harvests start as early as July and can last up until February in the later areas.

Avocados require freeze-free areas and warm temperatures during the flowering period and fruit development to achieve good productions and stable yields over time.

The range in harvest dates is given by the difference in the fruit’s oil content (which is a basic meassure of maturity); this relates to the temperature accumulation of each area. A temperature accumulation above 13 ° C will usually allow for the fruit to acquiere the minimum requirements for maturity earlier in the season. This explains why avocados are harvested earlier in the warmer northern areas of the country; as we move from the north to the central areas, harvests tend to follow this pattern as well. The second key criterion is the distribution of crops from west to east: even at the same latitude, avocados that are developed in most mountainous areas tend to be earlier than those located closer to the coast.

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