Palta o aguacate


This fruit, which originated on Mexico and Guatemala’s highlands and has since traditionally been associated to Latin American culture, has grown to rightfully earn a place in markets all around the globe thanks to its excellent flavor and multiple uses.

Even before it was a common product in markets worldwide our team saw the potential of exporting Chilean avocados, because of its excellent quality and the fact that it is harvested in counter season. Since 1994 Subsole has supplied customers around the world, gaining experience in the management of this fruit both on the farms and in post harvest. We have also developed joint projects with technical and commercial teams of some of the most prestigious companies, especially our European program developed with Westfalia, leader in the production and management of South African avocados.

100% of the avocados we export today are of the Hass variety, however our new projects include the development of new varieties in order to increase our offer.


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