Subsole S.A. was constituted at the beginning of the 90s with the purpose of exporting table grapes. The enterprise was created searching for a model for the industry: one who could give growers, clients and employees a more active part, and led to an integral development for all of them.

Today the company is composed by prominent fruit growers, like: the Prohens brothers (Alfonso, Óscar and Fernando), the Ariztía Group (represented by Ricardo Ariztía), Carlos Seemann and Santiago Correa, as well as its founder, Miguel Allamand, and his family. It is to be noted that the share that the executives of the organization have, it is also significant.

After a few years later of our birth, we reached over 1,000,000 boxes of table grapes, and then we embarked in the kiwifruits, clementines, oranges, avocados, pomegranates and cherry businesses, all going along with the expansion of our table grapes market.

In the different plants across the country, we manage the packing, refrigeration and port dispatching processes of the fruit we commercialize. Then it is loaded by “Subsole Servicios Portuarios” (Subsole Dock Services), to ensure a quick and careful practice. Finally, the fruit is delivered to the ports of all over the world by a shipping company, who are also our associates.

As we see, we are present in all the stages of production and exportation, optimizing the good managing of fruit.

The projections that we have for this season are to reach 10,000,000 exported boxes. But here, we all know that those are only numbers, and that the true value of a company like ours, is expressed in the return generated for the cultivators, because it will not be a good business of exportation if it is not a good business for the growers.